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P~P~S Practitioners and Members benefit from interviews with some of the world’s leading business people, as well as contributors who lead by the example of their success. These free audio features are only a sample of what is available to P~P~S Practitioners and Members. Enjoy, and see firsthand the valuable knowledge P~P~S gives you exclusive access to!

Happy 2010 New Year! from Paul Chek - 1/3/2010
Open House Teleseminar Download

Paul Chek's 2nd Annual PPS Open House Teleseminar - 8/11/2009
Open House Teleseminar Download

In our second annual Open House Teleseminar, Paul shows participants what it is like to receive the kind of coaching our PPS practitioners have access to on a weekly basis. In the first 15 minutes of the call, Paul previews the PPS Success Mastery Program. In the remaining time, Paul answers questions from callers on topics such as overcoming grief over the death of a loved one, how to discuss religious differences with loved ones, rebuilding broken relationships, and the relationship between the soul and the subconscious mind.

Paul talks with Sean Croxton, host of Underground Wellness Radio - 6/23/2009

In this interview, Sean chats with Paul about his evolution in fitness and health over the years, and his emphasis on the mental/emotional/spiritual components of health and wellness. Paul explains why these pieces of the wellness puzzle are so incredibly important in evoking lasting change

Click here to listen to this lively interview.

David Hestrin of Natural News interviews Paul - 6/22/2009
The Interview  (:60 min.)
The Interview Download
Paul answers questions  (:17 min.)
Q & A Download

In part one, David and Paul discuss the prevailing disconnected view between the health of our planet, society and the individual, and why it is vitally important that we unify them. In part two, Paul answers questions about what changes you can make in your life that will not only help heal yourself, but the world as well.

This round, world-class trainer Karsten Jensen interviews Paul! - 3/30/2009
Karsten Jensen Download

In this audio interview, Karsten Jensen, CP2, HLC III, and strength coach to world class and olympic athletes recently met up with Paul while he was in Toronto and asked Paul about his own strength training program, including what his nutritional tips are. As a long time student of Paul's, Karsten has dedicated his life to sharing the best of strength and conditioning training as an integrated system applied in a state of playful determination. I hope you enjoy this interview between Karsten and Paul.

Paul Interviews IT Expert and PPS Mentor Jerry Pape - 3/21/2009
Jerry Pape Download

In this interview, Paul welcomes our newest PPS Mentor, Jerry Pape. In his time, Jerry has earned a degree in Science and Technology from Stanford University, taught Applied Physics and Computer Science at Stanford and Business Computing at UC Santa Cruz and San Jose State, participated in the development of the Palm Pilot, learned the ins and outs of Real Estate from some of the biggest names in the industry and founded both Excalibur – an IT Management and Troubleshooting Firm – and Triple Creek Realty of Bozeman Montana. All of these accomplishments are founded in the context of a deep commitment to Buddhism.
In addition, as our contract IT Managers, Jerry and his Excalibur team have been an integral part of PPS and the C.H.E.K Institute for nearly a decade.

How do all of these seemingly disparate disciplines intersect? In what way does Jerry’s commitment to Buddhist principles influence the way in which he conducts his business? We invite you to listen to the interview to find out.

Paul's Interview with Master Percussionist Layne Redmond - 1/16/2009
Layne Redmond Download

Paul and Layne chat about using music to enhance our physical, mental and spiritual healing and evolution. You can learn more about Layne at her site -

Layne Redmond is a beautiful combination of peace and light. She brings a deep sense of safety and security out of you as you listen to her music and she makes it comfortable to be honest with yourself as you hear such an amazing, intelligent, loving woman share the truth of an enlightened woman's journey; as we grow, our work grows with us! I love Layne Redmond for who she is and what she lives for. ~ Paul Chek

Layne has graciously allowed us to include a few excerpts of her music for you to listen to below!

The Heart's Oasis by Layne Redmond
The Hearts Oasis
The Wave of Bliss by Layne Redmond
The Wave of Bliss
Whirled Jam by Layne Redmond
Whirled Jam

Paul Interviews Vedic Astrologer Susan McNaughton - 12/1/2008
Susan McNaughton Download

Paul and Susan discuss the nature of astrology in general and vedic astrology in specific. Susan also offers a compelling case for how we can use astrological readings intelligently. Whatever your stance on astrology, we think you’ll find this recording enlightening!

Apart from being a dance choreographer, a pianist trained at the Royal Conservatory of Music, and PhD candidate in Social Anthropology, Susan McNaughton is an expert in jyotish. She has spent two decades studying this ancient Indian practice of Vedic Astrology along with Indian philosophy, spiritual practices and Sanskrit. If you would like to contact Susan, please email her at

Paul Interviews Mood and Addiction Expert Julia Ross - 11/21/2008
Julia Ross Download

Julia Ross is a pioneer in the field of nutritional psychology and a specialist in the treatment of eating disorders and addictions. Julia holds an M.A. in Clinical Psychology, as well as a California marriage and family therapy license. She is the Executive Director of The Recovery Systems Clinic in Mill Valley, California, and has made hundreds of presentations to introduce the public to the extraordinary benefits of nutrient therapy and biochemical rebalancing. Her best-selling book, The Diet Cure, has sold over 150,000 copies in the U.S, the U.K. and Australia.

In this eye-opening interview, Paul and Julia explore the causes of addiction and obesity. Julia discusses the role of over-stress in addiction and obesity, and describes how the consequences of over-stress can be addressed by providing the body with key nutrients. The interview continues on to cover a great deal of ground, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn more about Julia’s unique and powerful contribution to health and wellbeing.

Paul Interviews Communication Expert Ilene Bergelson - 10/14/2008
Ilene Bergelson Download

Drawing on her experience as a performer on Broadway, film and television, Ilene Bergelson has become a sought after lecturer on communication, appearing nationally in front of audiences of every size. She offers unique guidance to those looking to speak with more composure and confidence. Her series on Empowered Communication includes intensives devoted to speaking skills, presenting, and other hot topics in interpersonal relations.

In this fascinating interview, Paul and Ilene highlight some of the common causes of ineffective communication, discuss the commonalities and differences between ways in which men and women converse, and how to overcome fear when we are communicating with someone. This interview is packed with useful information, so have a listen!

Paul Chek's PPS Open House Teleseminar - 10/19/2008
PPS Open House Teleseminar Download

Have you ever been curious to know what it’s like to have Paul Chek as a mentor? This teleseminar offers a great sneak peek into coaching that every PPS Practitioner has access to. In the first 30 minutes of the call, Paul previews the PPS Success Mastery Program, explaining the origins and aims of our flagship mastery course. In the remaining hour, Paul answers questions from callers, coaching participants on topics such as developing an attitude of financial abundance, raising healthy, happy children, and how to find the right meditation techniques to suit your needs.

The 1-2-3-4 of Overcoming Addiction, Obesity and Disease free teleseminar - 10/16/2008
Paul explains his 1-2-3-4 System  (:54 min.)
Paul explains his system Download
Paul answers audience questions  (:67 min.)
Paul answers audience questions Download

This teleseminar, hosted by Paul, features a discussion of the basic principles of his 1-2-3-4 System to overcoming addiction, obesity and disease. He discusses how many forms of addiction, obesity and disease are progressions of the same problem and explains how his 1-2-3-4 System addresses their common root cause. This call features over an hour of Q &A with Paul on the topics of addiction, obesity and disease. The questions cover a wide array of topics from addictions to over-the-counter drugs, how to build the motivation to change, to the possible genetic roots of addiction.

Excerpt from Paul's latest interview with Tom Campanaro - 9/15/2008
Tom Campanaro Download

Just this past week, Paul conducted another interview with EFI/Total Gym President Tom Campanaro. If you haven’t heard of Total Gym, it’s one of the most prolific home gym product lines on the planet, so Tom knows a thing or two about success. In this preview clip Paul and Tom talk about the importance of knowing yourself for both happiness and success.

Introducing the 4 Doctors into Your Life
Introducing the 4 Doctors into Your Life Download

Learn how to use the Four Doctors system to reduce stress, increase your energy and improve your bodyshape from the creator of the system – Paul Chek! This recording features an introduction to Paul's 4 Doctors system of wellbeing, along with a 30 minute question and answer session.