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I'm very excited to share this interview with Shane McDermott! Shane is a world-class Nature Photographer, Yogi, and Healer. He is deeply tuned to nature, as you will soon see by looking at his photos. Shane has an incredible ability to get Mother Nature to "undress for him" and I'm elated that he is willing to share Her beauty with all of us at PPS!

Paul's Interview with Shane McDermott

Click here to view the Wild Earth Illuminations slideshow

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Learn from world-renowned experts on topics ranging from business development, health & wellness to spiritual healing.

Paul Chek
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  Healing and Transformation
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Rowena Kryder

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  Harmonic Healing
  How Do You Relate To Your World

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Julia Ross is the author of the best selling books The Diet Cure and The Mood Cure. Her work on the relationship between diet, brain chemistry and addiction, eating and mood disorders is nothing short of ground breaking. You can learn more about Julia and her work at the Recovery Systems Clinic at the following websites:

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