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Success Wheel Quiz
Do you have command in the center of your life? Do you turn the axle of your own evolution?

How well do you reach your goals in life? Would you like to know how to reach those goals more effectively and efficiently? Answer the questions in Paul Chek's Success Wheel self-assessment as honestly and candidly as you can to create your personal Success Wheel. Answering honestly and accurately will help you to achieve new levels of personal growth and set you on the fast-track to your dreams. Do not choose answers simply because you think they are “correct.” The ability for your Success Wheel to accurately reflect your true personal ~ professional ~ spiritual development is completely dependent upon your answering the questions truthfully and sincerely with your current views. Remember, this information is just for you!



Paul Chek has compiled 12 assessments for you, each corresponding to one of the P~P~S Success Mastery lessons. For each questionnaire you complete, your graph will indicate how much training in that specific area you need to balance out your personal ~ professional and spiritual development. Complete this survey and you can see your results immediately!